Laser Game, I love it !
Planet Laser Game - Hanoi
Laser game, The game
An outing with friends or colleagues? We have all been in the tricky situation of having to decide on the venue for a get-together that everyone would enjoy – haven’t we?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Here’s what to do … get teams of players together (friends, colleagues, family), equip them with a high-tech jacket / laser tag vest with the colours of the team, give each member a laser-gun, get the teams into the arena for 20 minutes with a specially arranged maze, add a bit of smoke, sprinkle the whole thing with intense music to get into the spirit, and start shooting at the opposite team... they will love this highly entertaining game !
You score points by shooting your opponent and opposing bases. Thanks to the laser light of your gun you will be able to aim through the smoke accurately. Be aware of mines and bases programmed for self-defence.
The game
Corporate events
The Laser Game is a real alternative to traditional bowling or cinemas. Expand the offer to your employees within your company by offering them a fun and unique activity to practice with family or friends. A system of prepaid tickets is set up so that company employees can fully benefit from their laser experience.
Offer your employees special offers on all our services with a system of vouchers.
Corporate events
Tournament & championship
The laser game is a team building game where each player will use his strengths and skills and try his best to lead his team to victory. The Laser Game is a safe and fun activity and a 100% laser! The game can be played individually or with up to 3 teams simultaneously, the Laser Game offers the possibility of tournaments and all team members can develop practice and winning strategies while being supervised by their respective supervisors and educators.
Tournament & championship
For groups over 10 players/game = a soft drink offered for each player + 1 free game for the winner.

1 game

  • 150k Monday to Friday
  • 170k week-end
  • 20 minutes

2 game

  • 190k Monday to Friday
  • 220k week-end
  • 2x20 minutes


  • 600 K
  • 1 month free


  • 3 000 K
  • 1 year free


  • 280 K / player
  • 2 hours

    Invitation cards

    2 games of Lasergame

    Decoration for birthday

    Birthday cake & candy

All purchases are definite: NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND
Food and drink
You can also eat on site with our 3 restaurants: Burger & Buns, Yum (fresh french fries), French Panini (Sandwich) and all our drinks (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Life, Nutriboost, Saigon Beer, Heineken, Red Bull) and our homemade ice cream made with only fresh fruit.
Food and drink

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For birthday party bookings, 2 days in advance.

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